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I think even the most basic animation for the ocean would add so much life to this. It feels like more of a desert when the waves don't move.

Jenny-Jinya responds:

Thank you so much :) as for the background, because it is my firsty with animate I wanted to focus on the character and not overwhelm or confuse myself with the background haha. I aprecciate the critique tho :) A little bit of movement wouldn't have hurt I guess

Absolutely amazing! Anyone who doesn't rate this a 5 is out of their minds. The world feels so realized, the voice acting is good, the animation is on-par with main stream programs. The fact that you did this mostly, if not all by yourself in just 4 moths is mind blowing!

You deserve your own series and I would love to binge it.

The sound and concept are very good! And the animation is pretty good for your first one :)
Adding a bit more impact effects to certain things would improve this, like embers coming off of the fire, sparks coming from where the lightning strikes, and shards of ice crashing when the ice falls down.

GrayNox responds:

Thank you, in the future I hope to become better.

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Nice simple artstyle and levels, but the jumping part feels slippery and unresponsive. It's possible to make a tough precision-platformer without making the controls janky.

There was an attempt. Music, Sounds, Animation, Objectives, these are things a game needs. At the very least you could have the background layer (the roads) be scrolling down and repeating. Don't scrap this project, if you keep adding those things I mentioned, it can be something fun!

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I can definitely hear the emotion behind your singing, and the production feels like it belongs in a Ghibli film! Great work as always.

Part of this kinda reminds me of an Elite Four/Champion battle theme from Pokemon o:

Poosac responds:

Friend of mine said the same thing!

Beautiful! My only critique is that it sounds like you needed more breath on the early part. Maybe it was a style choice, but if not that kind of wavering is cause by not putting enough breath behind the singing.

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You had a concept and you nailed it!

Troisnyx responds:

I'm glad it came out the way it did — and I'm glad you liked it. Thank you!

Great, but she needs some fangs too D:

Troisnyx responds:

I had completely forgotten about the fangs when I actually outlined her -- I'd put them into the sketch lines. ^_^' Thanks for pointing that out -- though I doubt I have the emotional energy to change that now...

Great stuff! The UI seem a bit messy, but that just might be a product of the source material.
Question, you do all kinds of genre styles and it's made me curious. If you were to make a game, what genre would you want it to be?

ScepterDPinoy responds:

A fantasy science fiction action rpg platformer shooter where you use an rpg (rocket launcher like weapon) to shoot enemies and lot's of explosions I had in mind...

Been hanging around Newgrounds since before Alien Hominid was on Gamecube. I lost my old account into the void of inactivity but now I'm back with some programming talent and an archive of game projects to work on with you lovely people! Feel free to PM!

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