Been hanging around Newgrounds since before Alien Hominid was on Gamecube. I lost my old account into the void of inactivity but now I'm back with some programming talent and an archive of game projects to work on with you lovely people! Feel free to PM!

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Hello all! A while back (two years ago!) I made and posted about a Discord server I made to bring together people of all talents to collab and chill and concept projects and work together! It got more people than I expected and all channels of artistic focus were pretty active.

But I never had a real direction about most people were all looking for things or looking to do things that no one needed, eventually I got busy with life and when I became inactive, so did the discord.

The people who really enjoyed being there are still around, but most people left or are ghosts to the server. And understandably too. It was quite a good learning experience though!

I ended up getting into projects with a few people and I completed one and am still working on another one, but I learned so much about the Web game creation process that so many people who haven't done so could use to help them get their projects started and completed too! I recently made this collab post after finishing my recent project, Lost Alieniu_170763_6801999.jpg

And since then I've received several offers and concept pitches for games from people who know what they want to make but don't know where to start or didn't really have a good idea of how to achieve this or even couldn't find everyone they needed to do so. And that's what inspired me to revive the Discord server with my OG team of passionate creators still onboard to help others improve in their craft and refine their portfolios!

If you're someone who's wanted to start a project and join our Discord, we have a Project List page that we will post your pitch on and you'll also be in charge of a group of channels dedicated to your project that only members of your project will be able to see and post in, pretty much like a Mini Server you run without the hassle of having to make your own! For people who join as freelance talent, they can see your Pitch and join in to not only save you the trouble of seeking out talent, but also having the other person fully know what to expect when joining it! And trust me, this is a BIG deal for us freelancers. ;)

If you're a freelancer looking for work or a project to help expand your portfolio and get your name out there, here we can help you improve with your talent with feedback from experienced and talent individuals so that you can find more opportunities on Newgrounds or otherwise! Being able to see well-presented pitches for projects and selecting which ones you want to join is so liberating compared to browsing or posting help-wanted ads and hoping for the best. We can also promise that we will do everything in our power to create a safe environment where you won't get harassed to join other people's projects if you don't want to and we will not tolerate disparaging of your art (including music and VA). There is always a way to be constructive without being rude.

Also, ALL GAMERS ARE WELCOME TOO! Having an audience of people who are just around to enjoy what others make can be an amazing resource to help in the development process of games. We can guide "beta testers" to be able to give helpful insight into what can be tweaked or what might be broken! Even if you have no talents at all you can still be a big help! I'll also have a Role system for people who play popular multiplayer games games to ping if you want to group of with bros to shred others or get shredded * as a team *. I myself play quite a few online games and would join y'all whenever possible. All work and now play makes anyone burnt out! So let's have fun too!

If you made it to the end of this post I appreciate you for taking the time to read through it all <3

If you're interested in joining send me a DM and I will give you an invite link to the discord! I learned my lesson about having the permalink available publicly lol, no riff raff for us anymore!

If you're a freelancer please have examples of your work to show off when you join to help everyone know what you're all about. If your a project leader, please have your pitch ready! And if you need help getting one organized, we can help you with that too :)

Now let's make some magic together!


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Tear down the bushy fortress and complete world 1.

Counter Bomb 5 Points

Use a bomb right after getting hit, and avoid the damage. Harder with less bombs and more health!

The Overlook 25 Points

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Completed the game

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